Molecular Characterization of a Number of Local and Cultivated Varieties of Eggplant Using RAPD Markers in Salah Al-Din – Iraq

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1 Salah Al-Din Directorate of Education – Ministry of Education – Iraq.

2 Biology Department, College of Science, Tikrit University.


Genetic relationships among 12 varieties of eggplant (Solanum melongenaL.) were studied using fourteen Randomly Amplified Polymorphism D.N.A. (RAPD) markers. The local varieties of eggplant include Wisam, Mahaly, Nasr, White, and Alrafidien, while cultivars varieties include four Turkish (1,2,3,4) and three Italian (1,2,3). Randomly Amplified Polymorphism D.N.A. (RAPD), one of the markers that depend on PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), is used to find genetic distance and cumulative analysis among twelve samples of eggplant. D.N.A. was extracted from the plant leaves, and then the RAPD technique was d by using fourteen primers; the products then were electrophoresed on a1.5% Agarose gel; it was shown that the primer which gave more bands was OP D-10. It gave 67 bands; its efficiency was 7.5, while its differentiation capacity was 6.4. The variable rate for this primer was 67%. On the other hand, the less producible primer was OP D-18. It gave 23 bands; its efficiency was 5.6, while its differentiation    garose e products then were electrophoresed  capacity was 4.7, and the variable rate for this primer OP D-18 was 100%. It must be noted the appearance of unique bands. It was 10 bands among studied eggplant varieties, while absent bands that appeared in this study were 7 bands. The fifth sample had a higher number of unique bands, it was 4 bands;while the samples had reached a lower number of individual bands it`s ( 2-6-8-9-11-12)it had one amazing band only.The sample thathada higher number of absent bands was the sixth (Turkish 1) with 5 absent bands;while the sample thathad the lower number of absent bands was the fifth(Iraqi Al-Rafidain) whichhad one absent band only.The genetic tree which depended on  RAPD primers areshow that the genetic distance values rangedbetween(  0.0596-0.9351)where it was a lower genetic distance between (Iraqi Nasr &Iraqi White) it`s (0.596); While it was a higher genetic distance between (Iraqi Al-Rafidain& Turkish 2), it`s(0.9351).