Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Issue 2, December 2022 
Phyto-Biochemical Constituents and GC-MS Analysis of Bidens Pilosa Leaves and Stems

Pages 1-9

Omar M. Abdulkader; Abd-Elmonem A. Sharaf; Hossam M. Fouda,; Mohammed H. Elhaw

Productivity and Quality of Sugar Beet in Relation to Sowing Methods and Plant Density Under Center Pivot Irrigation System

Pages 31-42

Mohamed A.A. Nassar; Samia S. El Magharby; Gawhara A. EL-Sorady; Adham S. E. Abdalla

Effect of Some Nano Fertilizers on Yield and Fruit Quality of Apple

Pages 59-64

Aly M.A. M.; Ammar Tarik Muhsin; Nader R. Abdelsalam; Walid Mosa

Growth and Quality of Sugar Beet and Its Relationship to Sowing Method, Nitrogen and Boron Fertilization

Pages 65-77

Mahmoud A. Gomaa; Mohamed A.A. Nassar; Seif El-Nasr F. M.; Gawhara A. EL-Sorady; A. H. H. Suleiman

Preparation and Characterization of Biochar and Their Effect on Cell Division

Pages 79-90

Muwafaq F. A. Al-Hayali; Ahmed E. Khalid; Nader R. Abdelsalam; Rehab Y. Ghareeb; Haitham Emaish

Gamma Radiation as A Mutagenic Agent for Salinity Tolerance Improvement in Some Sweet Sorghum, (Sorghum bicolor L.) Genotypes

Pages 91-102

Sahar M. Moussa; Ahmed M.A. Khaled; Esh A. M.; Amer E. A.; Ehab A. A. Salama; Hossam E. El-wakil

Assessment of Anti-inflammatory Activity of Prunus dulcis [Miller D.A. Webb (ALMOND)] SEED Aqueous Extract and Fractions

Pages 113-120

Omotosho Gbemiga Olatunde; Oladiti Rashidat Abidemi; Baruwa Abayomi Solomon; Joseph aphet Bawa; Oyelekan Esther Ibukun; Idowu Iyanuoluwa Oluwatimilehin; Akinpelu Bolajoko Ayinke

Response of Maize to Different Application Methods and Rates of Fulvic Acid and Zn under Soil Affected by Salinity Conditions

Pages 121-128

Gomaa, M. A.; Ibrahim A. El- Said; Gawhara A. EL-Sorady; Aml S.S. Abou Felija; Essam E. Kandil