Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Issue 1, June 2022 
Phytochemical Investigation, HPLC Analysis and Antimicrobial Activity of Some Plants from Chenopodiaceae Family

Pages 13-24

Fatma A. Ahmed; Dina M. Baraka; Abd El Raheim M. Donia; Reham M. Mostafa; Zeinab M. Morsy

Technological Evaluation for Egyptian Cotton Advanced Strains

Pages 25-32

Nassar, M.A. A.; Aly A. A. EL-Banna; M. A.M. Negm; M. I. El Bagoury; Rania, S. E. Ahmed

Influence of Bio and Mineral Fertilizers on Strawberry Performance Grown in Containers Under Different Irrigation Regimes

Pages 79-92

Sas-Paszt Lidia; Sumorok Beata; Górnik Krzysztof; Grzyb Zygmunt S.; Lisek Anna; Głuszek Sławomir; Trzciński Paweł; Derkowska Edyta; Frąc Mateusz; Treder Waldemar; Walid F.A. Mosa; Abdel-Rahman M.A. Mohamed

Assessment of Genetic Variations of Taxodium Trees in Egypt

Pages 93-103

Ahmed E. Khalid; Fatama A. Hassan; Ahmed M. A. Mohamed; Mohamed K. Gaber

Effects of Heat and Fermentation on the Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Activities of Ricinus communis (Castor) Seeds

Pages 105-123

Adetoun Elizabeth Morakinyo; Godwin Anyim; Akwatang Mfon-Abasi Daniel; Ikulala Oluwatosin Olamiposi; Abdulsalam A.; Nzekwe Samuel Chibueze; Oyedapo Oluokun Oluboade; Oyedepo Temitope A.

Vegetation Structure and Species Association in High-Altitude Mountain Island in Egypt

Pages 125-139

Salwan H. Dawood; Abd El-Monem A. Sharaf; Hossam M.Fouda Fouda; Mohamed M. Moursy